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Foothill College Community Education
Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement
This form is a release of liability form.
This release of liability form clearly states you are fully aware that you are going to take part in an exercise program.  As a direct consequence of the inherent risks involved in taking part in this activity, you know it is possible that you may incur injury.  By signing this form, should any injury occur, you fully understand and agree that neither you, nor your relatives nor any other family representatives, can make a claim, sue, or expect Foothill College Community Education or its employees to be legally responsible or pay for any damages.  Please read the following document carefully and ensure you understand it fully before agreeing to it.  
Acknowledgement and acceptance of risks:
I hereby acknowledge that I have voluntarily chosen to take part in this exercise program.  Certain risks are inherent in any such activity and cannot be fully eliminated, precluded, or controlled. I appreciate that these risks, some of which can contribute to the unique character and enjoyment of the activity, can also be the cause of injury. 
I hereby explicitly acknowledge, accept and willingly assume all risks and hazards related to, arising out of, or associated with my participation in the exercise program.
Risk Release:
The Foothill College Community Education program always reserves the ultimate right, at any time, to accept, deny or terminate participation to and by any person. I hereby agree to follow all rules, regulations, and the instructions of the Foothill College Community Education program and its employees while participating in this program.  I also certify that I am physically, mentally and emotionally capable of participating in these activities. I hereby represent that I have informed the Foothill College Community Education program of any pertinent medical conditions that may affect my participation in this program.
If you have any questions regarding this form or would like to receive a copy of this Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement, please contact Charlie McKellar at (408) 745-8022.